Welcome to the new home for Huddersfield 472

This is the homepage for Huddersfield 472 - HVH 472D

Daimler CVG6LX with East Lancs 70 seat body

First Registered Jun 1966

Owned by Huddersfield Corporation Passenger Transport Department until the department ceased to exist on 31 March 1974.

Ownership transferred to the newly formed WYPTE where she was renumbered 4472 and ran under PTE ownership for a further 8 years until being secured for preservation by the Huddersfield Passenger Transport Group.

In February 2010 ownership passed on to Colin Sidaway who is optimistic about seeing her back on the road , although a full restoration will take a number of years to complete.

In August 2010 she passed her MOT test & has since been out to several events all around the country. Her greatest journeys to date are attending the NNR weekend in Sheringham & the rally in Brislington near Bristol.

We are adding photos to the Gallery of 472 and hoping to build a collection of photos of other Daimler CVG6 vehicles that are still in use.

We will also add other photos of Huddersfield Vehicles & items of local interest.

In August 2010 she was joined by an old friend bus number 234 (HVH234) a Regent III double deck with an East Lancs lowbridge body.

234 ready to move to Deepcar


December 2012:-

On Xmas Day 472 visited Northern General Hospital in Sheffield ...pictured here at 0630 at the bus terminus in the hospital grounds.

Xmas Day 2011 - Northern General Hospital

January 2012:-

Work has now commenced on 472 repairing the O/S front spring which had the main leaf broken.

broken spring

September 2013 :-

4 new crossply tyres now fitted to rear axle - tubeless tyres and rims put into storage for possible temporary fitment to 234